Pocket Crystals​​​​​​​
This little project was all about producing a miniature guid to crystal healing. I collaborated with an illustrator to produce watercolour illustrations but wrote, designed, and illustrated the rest of the book.  I am currently in the process of publishing this pocket guide.
Home Made Books
For this little project I designed and screen printed my own set of books based on the classic book The Odyssey  But Homer. I chose to do a trilogy with secret insights into the original mythology.
Norwegian Wood

This book cover design was for a competition brief for penguin. Throughout Haruki Murakami's novel there are major themes of mental illnesses. This book focuses on the subconscious mind of a young adult and how young emotional trauma can affect the rest of your life. The main character, Toru Watanabe, is exposed to severe loss and challenging mental issues.​​​​​​​

Fasion Look Book
This is a fasionlookbook I designed the editorial for. I was given the copywriting and images beforehand. I decided on a reversible magazine that features both collections, Pained Skin and Lost Boys.

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