Gothic Bingo
I was given this live brief to design a gothic bingo board game while studying at university. It will be used as an educational tool in the English department to help students understand the gothic subculture.
Blind Sober
Blind Sober is a non-alcoholic pop up cocktail bar. I designed, crafter and branded everything myself. Having a background of working in a bar I was able make the cocktail recipes myself. I wanted this bar to be eco-friendly and used only recycled materials in the construction.​​​​​​​
All Bar One Cheltenham
I am still currently working for All Bar One Cheltenham regarding their social media. I illustrate, offers, promotions and events to help promote their social media and advertise what they serve.
This YCN competition brief was all about creating awareness of Dalston's Soda while combining with Fergoni paper. However I adapted the brief to create artwork to hilight the main brand values of the company. The importance of the environment, saving the planet and a healthy lifestyle.
Victorinana Fest
Victoriana Fest is a imaginary festival I created in 2018. The festival would be located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and would have been all about gothic literature. I branded it and designed promotional Items; even an example theatre ticket for one of the potential performances.

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